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Rivona Naturals

Rivona Recollection Perfume Unisex Gift Set

Rivona Recollection Perfume Unisex Gift Set

Long Lasting Fragrances |IFRA Certified |Gender Neutral |Best for Gifting

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New Launch: Fragrances

Introducing the Rivona Recollection Perfume Unisex Gift Set :- A captivating quartet of fragrances meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the allure of mature sophistication. Tailored for individuals seeking timeless elegance and refined scents, each fragrance in this exclusive gift set exudes strength and confidence,perfect for any occasion.

  • Unique Packaging 
  • Long Lasting Fragrances
  •  Pocket Friendly
  • IFRA Certified 
  • Best for Gifting 
  • Gender Neutral
  • No Harmful Chemicals
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  • Adrenaline boost

    A fragrance pulsating with the essence of determination, propelling you to
    triumph in every athletic endeavour. Zesty lemon, sandalwood and an earthy musk
    tone create a rejuvenating, nostalgic scent for that freshened up feel.

  • Essential

    Where casual wear meets timeless elegance, revealing the essence of subtle
    sophistication. Sweet pea, germanium and eternal rose scents pool together a
    fragrance you cant leave your home without. Make essential, essentially yours.

  • Magnetic

    A fragrance of irresistible allure, where passion weaves an unforgettable connection in the symphony of scents. Classic Vanilla, Rich amber and spicy
    aromas bring forth a magnetic scent to pull your partner in closer.

  • Original

    An olfactory signature of innovation and confidence where success begins with the
    power of being uniquely yourself. Blooming Tuscan Iris, sharp pink pepper and a little bit of you create a concoction of originality to exude strength and determination.