About Us

"In the depths of the forest, where the trees stand tall, and the leaves rustle gently with the wind's call, there lies a secret that's waiting to be found, a calling for your skin to be healthy and sound!"

Rivona Cares

At Rivona, we believe that true beauty lies in uplifting those in need and that you glow differently after giving selflessly. That's why we're proud to announce our collaboration with Ratna Nidhi, a 24-year-old Charitable Trust dedicated to empowering more than 250 women from the less-fortunate areas of Mumbai.


Through this collaboration, we will be providing beauty kits that will enable these women to explore their talents and skills in the field of beauty and cosmetics. These kits contain essential skincare products, allowing these women to learn and practice various beauty techniques. As they learn the artistry of cosmetics, these extraordinary women are building pathways to financial independence, reclaiming their rightful place in society.


So, the next time you reach for a Rivona product, hold your head high and know that you have participated in a woman’s journey towards self-empowerment and dignity.

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