About Us

‘Your Personal beauty blender, from the heart of nature’

While on a trip to the beautiful landscapes of South India, MAMTA PALIWAL (CO-FOUNDER) and VIKAS PUROHIT (FOUNDER), an Indian couple were touched by the essence of nature. The beautiful lagoons of Kerala, the nascent beauty of the Nilgiris and the dense forest of the Ghats: Nature was blooming in its best form.

Inspired from what nature had in store for us, they decided to bring the same essence to the stores and markets, Domestic and International. In the complete process of devising a cosmetic and grooming range that derived its core from the soil and the greens, they soon realised the fact that until now we were living in a chemically synthesized world, harming our body and inner self.

“A Couple, One trip and a Journey to nature’s heart: The story of RIVONA NATURALS.”

RIVONA NATURALS, a child of the same heart touching natural beauty that this earth offers you, brings a range of Uni-sex grooming products to make you glow in the colors of nature. RIVONA NATURALS aims for minimal, gentle cleansing and conditioning maintaining a harmonious relation between natural ingredients and our body.

‘A touch of Natural Aroma: RIVONA NATURALS’ is made from the nutrients of the trees and soil that this land has gifted us with.

When you smell good, you feel good, you be good. It contains real natural ingredients like raw coffee in its coffee scrubs and Neem Extracts in herbal products and not some essence. We don’t make claims, we create reality.

RIVONA NATURALS is Refreshing, Rejuvenating and Relaxing.

RIVONA NATURALS is an outcome of the epic need of the moment to shift towards better cosmetics option. It is a child of the nature, nurtured by us and presented to you.

We provide you with products that add confidence to your appearance, elegance to your looks and perceptive to your presence. You are not just worth it, you are the future of it.